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Wall to Roof Section - VW Crafter '06-'17/Mercedes Sprinter '06- - MWB & LWB

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Product Details

Our Wall to Roof Sections are the answer to how to deal with the transition between the wall lining and roof lining, whilst providing an area for the cable trunking to easily traverse the length of the van. This is a product that originates from our Crux system, but we thought we should make it available to the self builders as it really does save lots of time along with headache of what to do in this tricky area.

Manufactured from 1.5mm steel, the six (LWB) or four (MWB) pieces that come in the kit are supplied in our textured Crux grey powdercoat finish and come with stainless steel rivets for a quick and easy installation.

Once fitted they have three main benefits. First up, they provide a suitable solid edge to position the wall and roof ply lining up against. The sections have been designed to have cutouts in them, allowing the lined plywood wall sections to simply slot in, preventing the need for any unsightly fasteners.

They also provide a cavity for not only the OEM wiring, but also additional campervan related wiring fitted within cable trunking to easily pass the full length of the van, between the bodywork ribs and the back of the section.

Ever wondered how to deal with that awkward area above the sliding door? Well, the section creates a neat solution for that area, allowing the OEM wiring to pass behind and maintaining the tidy look.

For a more practical solution, the section can be retrofitted with our L-Track cargo rail system or even LED light strips, to give that full length mood lighting effect.

Currently available for the VW Crafter '06-'17- & Mercedes Sprinter '06- MWB & LWB, High Roof variants, but please ask for other applications as we are looking to do more.

Product Specs

  • Powder Coated 1.5mm steel sections that traverse the length of the van, with three sections either side.
  • Provides a cavity to allowing cable trunking to run the full length of the van, whilst remaining hidden.
  • Supplied with stainless fasteners and simply riveted in place for a quick and easy installation.
  • Approx. install time - 60 mins.

What's in the "Full Kit" box?

  • 6x (LWB) or 4x (MWB) Powder Coated 1.5mm thick steel Wall to Roof Sections
  • Fasteners
  • Fitting Instructions


  • Full Kit - Full kit, ready to fit.
  • MWB & LWB

Van Fitment

VW Crafter '06-'17- & Mercedes Sprinter '06-'17

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