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[ /krŭks/ ] noun

A modular van conversion system designed for maximum flexibility, that's easily adapted to suit your daily requirements and is expandable, to meet your evolving lifestyle.

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Taking a panel van and creating a modular van conversion using our Crux system starts off with our real hero - the Crux framework.

We use a powder coated steel framework that is designed & engineered to fit directly to the interior of the van. This framework positions the L-Track cargo rails, creating a structural layout that holds the interior panels and mounts our products.

The Crux system has been designed and extensively tested to make it a quick and straightforward installation, whether you are a professional van converter or self-builder.

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Our vans are for all seasons, so we fit them out with DodoMat's range of sound deadening, thermo-acoustic and insulation products.


A pre-wired electrical harness is designed to fit behind the panels, with 12v LED lighting, sockets and USB points throughout the van, along with a 240v connection.


Our harness is integrated into the van and is powered by a Bluetti Portable Power Station, a solution that is modular, upgradeable and removeable.

Full off-grid options are available with solar panels and our harness can easily be expanded.

Modular Van Conversion - Crux - Wales 7.jpg

Optimise your Crux build with our equipment options, all designed to fit with Crux seamlessly.


Whether that's Maxxfan roof vents or Webasto diesel heaters, integrated window blinds or wheel arch boxes.

Extra seating in the rear can also be accommodated for with the addition of a bonded aluminum Smartfloor.


No two Crux vans are the same - a reflection of the individual customer and their specific requirements.

Mix and match panels, bamboo ply to tweed fabrics, utilitarian to luxurious - if its not a standard option, we can often make it happen.

Modular Van Conversion - Crux - Mercedes Sprinter LWB 1.jpg
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If you've got one of the vans listed below, then we'll have a Crux fitment for you.


VW Crafter '06-'16 - MWB + LWB (RWD)

VW Crafter '17- - MWB (FWD/RWD/4X4)

Mercedes Sprinter '06-'17 - MWB + LWB (RWD)

Mercedes Sprinter '18- - MWB + LWB (FWD/RWD)

MAN TGE '18- -  MWB (FWD/RWD/4X4)

Modular Van Conversion CRUX Vanconcept.jpg


Our Crux range of products are for life. When your van bites the dust, or you feel it's upgrade time, don't be put off by starting a new conversion from scratch. Take our products with you!


Our core products (panel bed, bunk, lockers and units) have been designed with longevity in mind, so are built to last and will fit any van which has Crux fitted.

Feeling creative? If we don't have what you need, create your own modular products to fit the Crux setup.

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