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Sound Deadening & Insulation Kit - MWB Large Van (eg. VW Crafter MWB)

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One of the first and most important stages for any van conversion is taking that bare panel van and creating a warm and condensation free base. There are three main stages to achieve this - Sound Deadening, Thermo Acoustic Liner and Insulation.

In our Crux & Bespoke conversions we've been using the Dodo Mat range of products and have now created kits based on van sizes to make it easy for the self-build convertor. Whilst the subject of sound deadening and insulation has many theories and opinions, this is our recommended method (based on experience) and what we use in our builds.

Sound Deadening - Dodo Mat DEADN Hex Sheets

Supplied in small sheets with self-adhesive backing, the 1.8mm butyl backed foil sheets stick to any flat outer skin panel and reduce unwanted vibrations & structural noise. Approx. 60% coverage on flat panels, we also advise fully covering the wheel arches to reduce road noise. See more technical info from Dodo Mat below.

Thermo Acoustic Layer - Dodo Thermo Liner 6mm

Dodo Thermo Liner is a high grade foil lined XPE closed cell foam which is applied to all outer skin panels. Supplied on a roll and easily cut with a knife, it's a 6mm sound and heat insulation material for a quieter & warmer van and prevents condensation build up on the van's bodywork. See more technical info from Dodo Mat below.

Insulation - Dodo Thermo Fleece 50mm

Supplied in 390mm wide x 10m long rolls, Thermo Fleece by Dodo Mat is an itch-free sustainable insulation quilt manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. Simply tear off to the required length and fill into any voids. When fitting to the roof and flat sides, apply a small amount of heat resistant adhesive (eg. Trimfix) to hold in place. See more technical info from Dodo Mat below.

Optional - Flooring - Dodo Super Liner 6mm

There are many different methods for insulating under the floor (which is very important) and we've left this as optional. On our vans, we fit strips of the Dodo Super Liner on the lower section of the floor ribs. Our flooring panels (which also contain insulation) are then bonded directly to the top surface of the floor ribs. See more technical info from Dodo Mat below.

We also have the option to upgrade the Thermo Liner to Thermo Liner Pro in 6, 10 or 12mm thickness - please contact us if this is required.

If you want us to fit the products, we also offer this service too. Please get in touch to book a slot at our workshop in Bordon, Hampshire.

The quantities of our kits are based on our experience of fitting these products to various vans and makes the assumption that a couple of windows are fitted in the rear of the van. This is a recommendation/guide - if you know you have more/less panels to cover (eg extra high roof or windows all round) please add extra material from our individual listings).

Product Specs

  • Sound Deadening - Dodo Mat DEADN Hex Sheets
  • Thermo Acoustic Layer - Dodo Thermo Liner 6mm
  • Insulation - Dodo Thermo Fleece 50mm
  • Approx. install time - dependent on van size, but can take a couple of days on larger vans (its a big (& important) job).

What's in the box?

  • 70x Dodo Mat DEADN Hex Sheets
  • 2 Rolls (20m²) of Dodo Thermo Liner 6mm
  • 6 Rolls (23.4m²) of Dodo Thermo Fleece 50mm


  • Supplied in various kit sizes for a small van (eg. VW Caddy), a SWB medium van (eg. VW Transporter SWB), a LWB medium van (eg. VW Transporter LWB), a MWB large van (eg. VW Crafter MWB), a LWB large van (eg. VW Crafter LWB) or a XLWB large van (eg. VW Crafter XLWB).
  • Dodo Super Liner 6mm for flooring (to be applied on lower sections of floor ribs).
  • Optional upgrades for Dodo Thermo Liner.
  • Fitment available - please contact us to book a time slot at our Bordon, Hampshire workshop.

Van Fitment

  • Any van.

The technical info from Dodo Mat

Dodo Mat DEADN Hex is a self adhesive, foil backed sound deadening vibration damper. Simply cut, peel & stick Dodo Mat DEADN Hex on the interior sheet metal of any vehicle to recuce unwanted vibrations & structural noise.
Make those panels as dead as a Dodo!

Dodo Mat DEADN Hex has a high grade butyl compound for better sound deadening & vibration control. To maintain flexibility and ease of cutting we also employ our unique Hex embossing pattern.

Dodo Mat DEADN Hex provides a lower weight solution for the car/van owner wanting a quiet smoother drive without adding unnecessary mass. The unique Dodo specification chemistry of the synthetic butyl core effectively deadens panel vibration without the excessive bulk of competitor products.

The distinctive Hex top sheet is purposely designed to be aid installation and mould easily on more complex surfaces. This added flexibility allows the Dodo mat to be easily installed, with improved cosmetic appearance whilst minimising creases and folds.

  • Makes metal panels as dead as a Dodo!
  • 50 Sheet Sound Deadening Pack
  • High Grade Butyl Construction
  • Hex embossed aluminium
  • Very Soft & Flexible For Easy Installation
  • 1.8mm Thick with Strong Adhesive
  • Classic Aluminium finish
  • Stop Rattles, Vibration & Noise
  • Lower Road, Exhaust, Engine & Transmission Noise
  • Fire Retardant & Heat Resistant from -40°C to +120°C
  • Flammability tested for vehicle interiors ISO 3795:1989
  • Fully Water & Oil Resistant
  • Peel & Stick Application
  • Designed in the UK , Manufactured in Europe
  • Individual Sheet size: 375 x 250mm
  • Pack Weight 12.5kg
  • Pack Coverage 50 sq.ft (4.7 sq.m)

Dodo Thermo Liner is a professional 6mm sound and heat insulation material for a quieter warmer, van, camper or motorhome.

Dodo Thermo Liner is a high grade foil lined XPE closed cell foam and is ideal for use on the van sides, floor, roof etc.

Dodo Thermo Liner is designed specifically for the UK vehicle market and will improve the comfort of any interior, but is perfect for camper vans, van conversions, Land Rover and vehicle restorations
Easily installed this self adhesive product will improve the cabin environment. Temperatures will be controlled, warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer. Less noise makes for a less tiring drive and your radio will sound clearer with less distortion.
  • Efficient low profile 6mm insulation
  • Easy installation - cut, peel & stick.
  • High thermal efficiency XPE foam
  • Significant Noise reduction
  • Warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer.
  • Reduces condensation
  • Acts as a barrier against heat loss
  • Superior Crush resistance
  • Improve van interior comfort
  • Moisture resistant dense closed cell foam
  • Reinforced reflective foil
  • Strong Peel & Stick Self Adhesive
  • High grade construction
  • Flammability tested to ISO 3795:1989
  • Designed in the UK, Manufactured in the EU
  • Thickness 6mm
  • Total area 10 Square metres (107 Square feet)
  • Roll/Sheet size 1m x 10m

Thermo Fleece by Dodo Mat is an itch-free sustainable insulation quilt manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. This slimline 50mm insulation allows fitment where installation space is limited, such as upper van panels and roof voids.

Thermo Fleece offers a safe, sustainable and cost effective way to insulate your camper van. It contains 100% recycled polyester and is made almost entirely from recycled plastic bottles. It is suitable for all vehicle applications, is non-irritant and requires no protective clothing when installing. It will not absorb moisture in high humidity conditions and does not support mould growth.
Dodo Thermo Fleece can be cut using a straight edge and a Stanley knife, or simply torn apart.
Thermo Fleece is long-lasting and safe to handle. It can be used to insulate between campervan panels or simply laid on top of existing van insulation to improve overall insulation performance.
For best performance use on top of a Dodo Thermo Van Liner base layer.
  • Width – 390mm
  • Length - 10m
  • Coverage/Roll - 3.9sq.m
  • Thickness – 50mm
  • Provides excellent thermal insulation performance.
  • Contains a lofting agent to maintain durability.
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001
  • Made from recycled plastic bottles with up to 95% recycled content.
  • Safe to handle and can be recycled or safely disposed of.
  • Fire tested to BS 5803-4
  • Fire tested to ISO 3795:1989 (vehicle interiors)
  • Made in the UK
  • Performance: Thermal Conductivity: 0.040W/mK
  • R-Value: 1.25m2K/W
  • Water Absorption: (@100% RH): 0% w/w
  • Ignition Point: >500oC
  • Flammability to BS 5803-4
  • Flammability tested for vehicle interiors ISO 3795:1989
  • Composition: 100% recycled polyester, >95% recycled content
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