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Sliding Door Window Integrated Blind - VW Crafter '17-/MAN TGE '17-

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Product Details

Our Sliding Door Window Integrated Blind kit houses a Horrex Duoplisse blackout blind and is made up of multiple CNC profiled plywood & aluminium parts which can be lined in a variety of materials to match (or contrast with) the rest of your conversion. Fitted within the recesses of the sliding door to create a frame-less aesthetic, the integrated blind panel mounts to our specially designed aluminium brackets, allowing a flush fit with the inner surface of the sliding door whilst maintaining a cavity to the outer skin.

The outer panel is machined from 6mm plywood and is supplied with a large cutout to match the large, 1100mm x 550mm integrated blind with the window profile. We supply adhesive foam tape within the kit to create a neat finish between the blind and window and provide black vinyl to mask the area behind the blind on the glass.

The kit is fitted to the door using the four aluminium brackets provided, which are riveted to the metalwork of the van. Positioning of these brackets is made easy with the use of our instructions and special alignment tool. The finished surround can easily be fitted to the four brackets using the stainless bolts and chimney nuts, with built in adjustment to perfect the alignment.

The kit can be supplied as a fully lined kit including the blind (in Anthracite or Silver automotive carpet or Dark Grey Milano Suede), as a semi-DIY kit including the blind (unlined, bare plywood) or as a DIY kit with a template provided to cut your own 6mm plywood panel.

The DIY kit will come supplied flat packed and requires assembly of the blind mounting system onto the self-cut 6mm plywood panel, using the instructions provided. This kit comes with a template for cutting the plywood, but does not include the blind (if purchasing the blind elsewhere, the blind required is a Horrex Duoplisse - 1100mm x 550mm).

This kit is compatible with sliding windows from the following manufacturers.

Van Demon / Trade Van Windows, Just Kampers, Camper Glass, Bursa Trim Otomotive, Trade Glass UK, Willglass

This kit is not compatible with sliding windows from the following manufacturers.

OEM VW/MAN, Leisure Vehicle Windows, any forward sliding windows

Can be fitted to any conversion, not just one of ours.

Product Specs

  • Flush fitting panel, with maximum aperture and seamless fit against the window.
  • Mounts the Horrex Duplisse blackout blind behind the panel to create a frame-less aesthetic.
  • CNC profiled 6mm plywood panels and lightweight plywood blind mounts.
  • Door handle surround.
  • Aluminium mounting brackets to mount the panels flush, supplied with an alignment tool for installation.
  • Mounting brackets require riveting to the door and are hidden when fitted.
  • Features adhesive foam tape and black vinyl to seamlessly fit against the window when fitted and mask off the area behind the blind from the outside.
  • Approx. install time - 60-90 mins.

What's in the "Full Kit" box?

  • 1x Horrex Duoplisse 1100x550 Blind
  • 1x 6mm Plywood Panel
  • 6x Lightweight Plywood Blind Standoffs
  • 2x 9mm Plywood Blind Supports
  • 4x Aluminium Mounting Brackets
  • 1x Alignment Tool
  • Adhesive Foam Tape
  • Adhesive Black Vinyl Strips
  • Fasteners
  • Fitting Instructions


  • Full Kit - Fully lined kit, ready to fit. Choice of automotive carpet (Anthracite or Silver) (with blind).
  • Bare Kit - as Full Kit, unlined (with blind).
  • DIY Install Kit - Blind Mounts, Brackets, Alignment Tool, Fasteners, Paper template of the profile to cut around & Instructions (without blind).

Van Fitment

  • VW Crafter ‘17- & MAN TGE '17-
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