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MaxxFan Roof Vent Install

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We supply and fit the MaxxAir Maxxfan roof vent (and other roof vents) to your van roof. We have experience of fitting these to many of our own conversions.

We ONLY use a nibbler to create the cutout, (to prevent hot sparks becoming embedded in your bodywork), de-burr and prime the cut edge, create a water tight seal using mastic tape and run a bead of Sikaflex around the edge to create a second watertight barrier to fully seal the vent. Internally, we create a wooden frame to stiffen the roof panel to prevent future leaks and to screw the roof vent securely into.

We have options to supply the MaxxFan blinds, blinds with lighting and are able to fit other types of roof vents.

Prices for a MaxxFan supply and install are from £499 (inc VAT).

Please get in touch to book an installation time.

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