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L-Track Cargo Rail

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Our L-Track Cargo Rails, used extensively through our Crux modular van conversions, are a great way to add extra load mounting points throughout your van and with our variety of styles, we're sure to have the right solution to suit your needs.

Available in 4 styles - Recessed, Surface Mount, Heavy Duty & Lightweight, our 6082 Aluminium grade cargo rails can be supplied either drilled or un-drilled and in a range of different lengths. Stainless bolts (M6 or M8, 20mm long), washers and Nyloc nuts/rivnuts can also be supplied.

To accompany the cargo rails, we have our M8 butterfly studs which can be easily removed/repositioned along the rails (only suitable for the Recessed and Heavy Duty Rails) and our quick release cargo loops. We also supply plastic end caps for use with the Surface Mount rails.

*Recessed and Heavy Duty Rails are designed to take M8 CSK Bolts.

*Surface Mount and Lightweight Rails are designed to take M6 CSK Bolts.

**For pre-drilled lengths, mounting holes will be no more then every 8th hole and spaced equally along the length. If you require specific hole position, please make a note on the order.

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